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Foam Pit

Open Play!

Need your energetic kids to burn off some energy?

Want a few hours of spontaneous fun? 

Too hot to play outside? 

Either way, we've got you covered! With trampolines, bounce houses, huge foam pits, obstacle courses, and plenty of room in our fully padded facility, your child will have a blast! Many convenient times throughout the week! Scroll for more info!

Open Play: Welcome



(Ages 8+)



(All Ages)

Open Play: Event Spaces

Saturday Morning

All Ages

Every Saturday


Only $12 per child

What's the best way to get your kids to burn off all of their energy and give you some peace? Saturday morning Open Gym is your answer! A great way to play, practice and just have some fun in a safe and exiting environment. Have a blast on the bounce houses, swing to new heights on the rings, jump around on the trampolines, flip into the foam pits, or just hang out on the bars, Saturdays at GIG is the place to be!

Friday Night

Ages 8+

Friday Nights


Only $12 per child

It's time for flips! Friday night is a great time to have some fun in the gym, without worrying about little kids getting in the way! It's also a great time for parkour enthusiasts to practice their skills in the safest way possible. Let our coaches help you learn how to do impressive tricks, flips, and vaults!

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Adult Open Play

Ages 16+



Only $10 per person

We created an open play for college students and adults to either bring back some old skills, learn some new skills, or just have fun! It is an open session where all of the equipment (such as trampolines, bars, beams, foam pits, etc) is free to use. You can also get personalized instruction from one of our two gymnastics/cheer coaches who will be free to help with anything from cartwheels to flips!

Open Play: Team Sports
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