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Boys Programs

Train Like A Champion! 

Strength • Body Control • Dexterity 

 Power • Balance • Flexibility

Prepare your athlete with all the skills necessary to excel in any sport. We have Ninja Training for the little ones, Iron Man for the older ones, and Parkour classes for the boys that want to learn and train like "American Ninja Warrior". We offer plenty of great ways to get active and stay off the couch!

Foam Pit


Ages 8+



Parkour is the sport of running, climbing, jumping, flipping, and vaulting over obstacles. Parkour is similar to what you would see on American Ninja Warrior. This high energy class teaches the basics of parkour, including vaults, wall runs, shoulder rolls, introductory flips, and of course, safety!

Friday Night Open Play & Parkour

Ages 7+

Friday Night


Friday night is for flips and tricks! It's a great time to have some fun in the gym, without worrying about little kids getting in the way! Open Play is an open session for kids to come to the gym and just play at their own pace. It's also a great time for parkour enthusiasts to practice their skills in the safest way possible. Let our coaches help you learn how to do impressive tricks, flips, and vaults!

Boys Backhandspring 1.jpg

Beginner Tumbling

Coed Ages 7-14

Mon or Wed


This class teaches basic tumbling skills on the floor, tumble track, and trampolines! Students will work on foundational floor skills including  handstands, cartwheels, and round-offs! This class is only for floor and tumbling basics, so the students do not use the bars or beams.

*This class is available to both boys and girls, but most of the students in class are girls*

Boys: Team Sports
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