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Golden Isles Gymnastics GymStars

Home of over 180 National Champions

Gymstars: Welcome

What is Gymstars?

Gymstars is our accelerated recreational gymnastics program. In Gymstars, we focus on building strong gymnastics skills, while keeping it fun and engaging. Each class is separated into levels based on the skills of the athletes. Every 3 months we host evaluations to see if the Gymstar has built enough skills to move on the the next level.

Gymstar Level/Skills Guide
How to get started! (prerequiste evaluation)
Gymstars: Event Spaces


We challenge our athletes to learn gymnastics skills and to progress with proper form and technique.

Evaluation Guide

What are evaluations?

Evaluations are when we put our athletes skills to the test. We want to see the progress each gymnast has made along with all the new skills they have mastered. At the end of evaluations if a gymnast has learned the necessary skills, they will move up to the next level.

How often do you evaluate

We have evaluations every 3 months.

What are the coaches looking for?

Simply progress. We want to see that each athlete is getting something out of this class. We want to ensure that they are learning and expanding their gymnastics abilities.

Gymstars: FAQ
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